Research shows how Brazilians use the internet

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Brasil) today presented at the ProXXIma 2012 event the results of the survey “How 80 million Brazilians access the internet in Brazil”, developed in partnership with comScore. The study aims to understand the online audience in the country, both in terms of its involvement with the Internet and the different types of technology and in the perceptions and attitudes towards digital advertising.

More than 40% of respondents spend at least two hours a day browsing the internet on various devices, while only 25% use the same time watching TV. The internet is also the preferred activity for all age groups, income, gender and region when there is little free time, totaling 62%, in addition to being considered the most important means for 82% of participants (85% women and 79% men ).

2,075 internet users, between 15 and 55+ years old, were interviewed, 51% men and 49% women, from February 6 to 14, 2012, via email. The data were weighted in proportion to the national online rates for age, gender and region of residence so that the results are representative of the online population (55% Southeast; 19% South; 13% Northeast; 8% Midwest; 5% North) .

At home, the internet is always the most accessed medium, with 89% in the morning, 78% at night and 73% at other times of the day. Likewise, the web is the most used medium in all other places and situations of a typical day: 60% work; 52% at the home of friends or family; 44% school; 44% restaurants and cafes; 43% meeting with friends; 34% malls.

With regard to the types of channels that the internet accesses, the desktop leads with 77%, followed by the notebook or laptop (59%), smartphone (40%), tablets (16%), iPad (15%), video game console ( 12%), iPod (10%) and other devices (2%). However, young people prefer to use smartphones, tablets and video games to browse.

The majority (62%) of the Brazilian online audience accesses the internet via two or more channels. The age group of young adults (between 25 and 34 years old) stands out, where 23% access via four or more channels. In addition, 61% of Brazilians frequently use the computer while watching TV, with women being more likely than men to use it in parallel (32%). Among those who use both types of media simultaneously, 92% pay equal or more attention on the internet.

In general, the online audience in Brazil is considerably open and receptive to digital advertising, considering it as the most creative (49%), rich in content (48%), evident (40%), credible (37%) and less uncomfortable ( 36%).

Most respondents agree that they use the internet to search for products they want to buy offline (65%) and that online advertisements have motivated them to buy products (57%) or visit advertised stores (56%). 60% said they were motivated by online advertisements to seek more information about the products offered, in addition to considering the internet as the most convenient way of shopping.

According to Fabio Coelho, president of IAB Brasil, the internet j mainstream in Brazil connected. “The study shows this in a striking way. The adoption of the internet at home, at work, at school or on the street breaks with several myths about this leadership that occurs in all age or income brackets and shows that 42% of those connected in the country spend more than two hours a day online and that access occurs more and more through multiple devices, fixed or mobile. It is clear that the connected Brazilian is quite receptive to advertising on the web, considering it credible, unobtrusive and very creative, in addition to considering the internet as the main source of research for shopping decisions, either online or in physical stores. All the data confirm the expansion of the market, which tends to be accentuated with the initiatives to expand access to broadband and also to the increase of the installed base of smartphones. We are just on the threshold of a major transformation, ”he says.

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