“Rear Window”, by Hitchcock, in a way never seen before!

Everyone who appreciates a good film, certainly, knows the feature “Rear Window”, by super director Alfred Hitchcock. The film, produced in 1954, is a suspense where LB Jeffries (James Stewart) is a photographer whose leg has been broken. To kill time, he decides to photograph his neighborhood.

However, the editor Jeff Desom he wanted to give a new face to the classic and recreated, using the software After Effects, Photoshop and Coffee, the view that LB had from his bedroom window. The result is a video in time-lapse which shows the backyard, where events are true to the plot of the film. See the result below:

Jeff says on your website which “stabilized all the shots with the movement of the camera itself. Since everything was shot from the same angle, I managed to align them all in a unique and panoramic view of the entire yard without any major distortion”.Play

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