Price of ads on Facebook’s logout page reaches $ 700,000 per day

Facebook added big ads on the social network’s logout page, and to show a product to the 800 million users registered on the service, a company pays up to $ 700,000 a day, according to the Advertising Age.

The price requested by Facebook to display advertisements is the same as that of major internet portals. more or less the range charged to show an advertisement on the main page of sites like Yahoo !, YouTube or MSN.

The difference is that, while on the portals, users receive the advertisement as soon as they access the page, on Facebook they need to log out of the account to see the message.

The advantage for those who choose the big ads on the logout page is that they also get messages that appear in the users’ news feed.

The messages on the Facebook exit page started to appear recently. The first big ad was from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and represents a major change in the advertising pattern on the social network.

Before showing ads, which first appeared in March, advertising on Facebook was restricted to small messages in the menu on the right or in the News Feed.

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