Preview: everything you need to know about Resident Evil 6 (so far)

A few days ago, survival horror fans had reason to celebrate, as Capcom officially announced the sixth adventure in the Resident Evil franchise. From November 20 of this year, when the title will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we will follow the adventures of two characters that, without a doubt, are iconic throughout the franchise: Leon S. Kennedy, the new police officer for RE2 and the security of the President of the United States in RE4, and Chris Redfield, a former member of the STARS squadron in RE1 and the leader of an organization against bioterrorism in RE5.

Of course, there are still a few months left to warm up our consoles with what promises to be the most explosive title produced by Capcom, so much detail involving action, adrenaline and breathtaking moments. That’s why we decided to take a look at everything (or almost everything) we know about the game so far. Follow!


Most of the plot will take place in 2013 in the fictional city of Lanshiang, located in the coastal region of China. Leon is now an agent recruited by Adam Benford, president of the USA, to investigate a bioterrorist attack in Asia. There he meets Chris, who also has a mission to obtain information about the incident in Lashiang, but as a leader of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, created to end biological terrorism on a global scale).

In history, ten years have passed since the Raccoon City incident, and the U.S. President decided to reveal the truth about what really happened in the city, which was bombarded by missiles after an unsuccessful attempt to contain a lethal virus. Leon, one of the few survivors of the attack, arrives at the place where the president will make the announcement to the population, but he turns into a zombie and is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. At the same time, Chris arrives in China, a country that is also under the threat of a bioterrorist attack, and the adventure of survival begins.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of the game, declared that Resident Evil 6 is not inspired by any other game in the franchise (even with two great characters in the series). Being something different, which expresses new directions for the future of the saga, without paying respect to its predecessors. Hirabayashi explained that RE6 is the biggest Capcom project of all time, with more than 600 people from all over the world involved in the development of the game, of which 150 of them work at the company’s headquarters in Japan.

“Resident Evil 6 not only has a bigger world and a deeper experience than you already know, but we are also excited to say that a mix of action and survival horror – something we like to call dramatic horror. franchise and for our team, “said Hirabayashi. J Eiichiro Sasaki, the director, says that one of the main focuses will be the plot, which is full of twists, realistic situations and extremely dramatic moments.


In addition to Leon and Chris, the game will feature secondary characters like agent Ingrid Hunningan, who helped Leon in RE4, and also agent Helena Harper, a newcomer who was transferred to the Secret Service and became the president’s bodyguard. American, but who failed in his mission. Rumors say that Ada Wong (RE2 and RE4) will also be playable, but not in the main mode. The mercenary may have a parallel plot of the protagonists, being counted only after the end of the game – just as it was in Resident Evil 4.

Still according to Capcom, there will be a third character – possibly to pair with Chris – but there is not much information released so far. What is known is that he will be a mercenary involved in a conflict in Western Europe, whose blood seems capable of nullifying the effect of the viruses, which will allow to attack zombies melee. There are those who say he is Hunk, the Fourth Survivor, seen in RE2, RE4 and in an EP3 eplogo. The fact that he will appear in phases in Eastern Europe alongside a blonde girl, also unknown. Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter in RE4, and Sherry Birkin, in RE2, are among the possible identities of the girl.

The character Chris, incidentally, is one of the most engaging in the whole unfolding of the plot. The former STARS fighter experienced “personal trauma” six months before the Resident Evil 6 incident, probably during a conflict in Eastern Europe. Despite what happened, he rejoined BSAA in the mission in China. In the trailer, he curses a woman for treason, but does not reveal her name. Did Jill Valentine? Or her own sister, Claire Redfield? We don’t know yet.


The news that the zombies would return to the game must have pleased the purist fans of the series very much. Details also reveal that in one of the two locations set for RE6, there will be an investigation of 70,000 zombies in the fictional city of Tall Oaks (United States). However, if you think that “brainless” creatures will remain slow and easy to circumvent, you are very much mistaken. Slow zombies are a thing of the past: now, the undead will be able to run, jump and even use firearms.

There is also a new monster on the piece. The enemy revealed in the launch trailer for RE6 J’avo, “a creature that looks and sounds scary”, according to Capcom’s words. The J’avos are able to understand human language, act in groups to ambush the characters and exhibit aggressive behavior never before seen in the franchise. They will be a real problem for us players, as they can regenerate damaged body parts and replace them, for example, with a huge tentacle, as seen in the video. In addition, the Japanese producer suggests that the J’avos will have a style very similar to Nemesis (Resident Evil 3), which suggests that the monster will chase Leon and Chris at all times.


Even with only the official trailer as a base, we can already imagine and visualize a bit of what the gameplay will be in RE6. Something unclear throughout the series will be the possibility to aim and shoot at the same time that you walk or run. In one of the scenes, we even see Leon sliding across the floor and still continue to shoot the zombies in front of him.

Everything in the environment seems to be usable, whether to hide in walls and pieces of concrete or to hit enemies with objects (in a certain part, Leon uses an ax to hit an undead). But be careful, according to the trailer, the J’avos can use tentacles to trap the character and throw him at a distance.

The cameras are still in third person, that is, the visualization made by the character’s shoulder, and several avoidance movements also show the difference of this to the other titles of the franchise. In this way, the protagonists will be much smoother than they were before. But, as usual, Capcom guarantees that players will have some classic moments from the RE series, which can be understood as a mixture of scares with somewhat heady puzzles, characteristic of the franchise.

The big news for RE6 is perhaps the multiplayer mode. According to Resident Evil 6 profile information on, the title will have support for offline co-op co-op for 2 people, online co-op co-op for up to 6 people and online mode for up to 8 players (probably a competitive mode). It is worth remembering that these data were on the website, but were omitted some time later.


Although the Dragon’s Dogma game attracted a reasonable number of players, the game failed to come close to the expectations generated by the RE6 announcement. But to leverage the new medieval-looking franchise, Capcom has decided to place an early access demo coupon for Resident Evil 6 on all copies of the Dragon’s Dogma release, which hits stores on May 22 in the United States. Whoever has an Xbox, will win the coupon to test the demo of the new RE on July 3rd, while PlayStation 3 users will receive a time later, on September 4th (or 5th, in the case of the European continent).

This is just a preview of everything that will come in the coming months. Resident Evil 6 will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, 2012. The game should also be released for PC, but there is still no date set. More information is expected to be released at E3 in June. In the meantime, if you have any theory as to what this sixth apocalyptic adventure will be, share your opinion with us in the comments below. And keep an eye on the news here at Olhar Digital!

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