Portable X-ray machine is new hope for rescues

X-ray machines are fundamental in medicine, but they are too big to be transported. To solve this problem, the Japanese company Mikasa created a portable x-ray machine, increasing the chances of successful rescues.

The machine weighs just 7 kilos and is powered by batteries. It can be used about 300 times with each charge. In addition, it still has an LED screen and can transmit images to PCs and notebooks using Wi-Fi, according to the Dvice.

The portable machine opens up possibilities in the field of medicine. If doctors need to rescue people from natural disasters where there is no power, or in remote towns and cities, there will be a possibility to take the machine, since it is light and easy to carry.

The equipment can be purchased for US $ 22 thousand (about R $ 39 thousand). See below a video demonstrating the product:

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