PlayStation Vita arrives in Brazil this Friday (2/3) for R $ 1,599.00

With a week late due to Carnival, PlayStation Vita finally arrives on Brazilian soil this Friday (03/02). Sony’s new laptop will be sold for almost three times the value sold in the United States: R $ 1,599.00 in Brazil. In the North American market, it costs US $ 250 (about R $ 430.00 at the current price).

The high price has an explanation. According to Glauco Rozner, general manager of PlayStation at Sony Brazil, there are a number of taxes levied on video games and games. Therefore, the value of Vita in Brazil is higher compared to other countries.

J Ana Alfaia, PlayStation manager at Sony Brazil, said that Vita intends to attract both those who already have video games and those interested in technology, but who do not yet have consoles. “Vita still has a camera and can be used to access social networks. We do not consider it a successor to PlayStation Portable (PSP), as it offers a completely new experience”, said the executive during the launch event of PS Vita this term fair (27/2), in So Caetano do Sul, SP.

Until April, the console will only be sold in a package that includes, in addition to PS Vita, the game Modnation Racers, a 4 GB memory card and a video game case. Whoever still wants to buy more titles for the laptop, will have to pay up to R $ 200 for each game, and in the virtual version, that is, for download, the values ​​will decrease to around R $ 169. By March 25, 25 games will be available for the Vita.

The device also has a 5-inch touch-sensitive OLED screen, two analogue levers and a rear touchpad. It will be possible to play some games both on the laptop and on the PlayStation 3, as well as in multiplayer games between the two platforms.

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