Piti Call: relieve your stress now!

The designers Dbora Andreucci and DiWenderly were stressed in the middle of the infernal traffic of So Paulo when they had an idea: to provide an electronic secretarial that people call and give their “piti”. It didn’t take long for the couple to buy a phone with the message service and hire another landline number. From then on, they just released the “Piti Call” number and waited for people’s angry messages.

The idea of ​​the simple “Piti Call”: the person calls, waits for the beep and can release the verb to the answering machine. On the call, insults, cries, screams, in short, anything that makes you feel more relieved. “In addition to helping people to relieve their tensions, the scientific project. We want to collect information from messages to develop a study and find out more about the cause of stress”, says the designer.

The “Piti Call” answering machine is at Dbora’s house. Every day, after work, she listens to the recorded messages and selects the best ones to post on Project Fan Page on Facebook. As it is an anonymous service, no one knows who is calling or who is complaining.

“I use it a lot myself and I feel better. We have already received messages from people who said they loved the idea. Other than that, our friends who call also say it helps a lot when nervous,” he says. “What we hear most are complaints about traffic, work and relationships,” he concludes.

The founders do not earn a cent from the service, but have already considered taking some actions to monetize the “Piti Call”. The designer says that the project would work well if combined with some brand of remedy for headaches, for example. But, at first, the idea is to keep the project as it is and wait a little longer to start developing the research on the recordings.

T in order to test? Call (11) 3031-8020 and leave your message. The cost of a regular call to a landline, but depends on your location. And to listen to others’ pits, click on here. To make it easier, we’ve separated some that we find more fun below. Click and laugh, you too!

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