On an interactive billboard, a man’s beard grows with every “like” received on Facebook

The footwear brand for men Bronx Men’s Shoes launched a somewhat different and innovative advertising campaign. The company created an interactive billboard that shows a photo of a man with a badly shaved beard and, for each “like” received at company fanpage, the hair grows a little bit.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the billboard uses ropes to simulate beard hair. Engines that respond to commands from the internet promote “hair growth”. The integration with Facebook was also essential for the campaign to work perfectly, according to the Network2Media.


(The before and after. See the difference in beard length in the two situations)

A webcam was installed in front of the billboard so that any “like” received could be seen in an application created for dissemination. Within 48 hours of the campaign, 550 new fans joined the Bronx fanpage.

Josh Strauss, a famous rugby player, joined the game to further increase the campaign’s visibility. Josh, who became known for growing a big beard, simulated a competition between growing his beard and the poster: “Good campaign. Thanks for making the world more manly and for bringing the beard back!”, He says in a comment on Bronx fanpage.


(Josh Strauus, rugby player, and his “little” beard joined in the campaign fun)

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