Old Mac prototype from 1982 is on sale on eBay

Do you like rarities and antiques? A prototype of a Macintosh, produced between 1982 and 1983, is sale on ebay for those willing to spend US $ 100 thousand (about R $ 180 thousand).

The computer is a Macintosh model 128k, which was originally designed to carry the “Twiggy”, 13 cm floppy drive. However, due to the number of problems presented, it was replaced by a 9 cm Sony drive just 3 months before its release.


(Macintosh 128k with its huge floppy drive and its “square” mouse)

He what the “wozniac“, nicknamefrom the Canadian user responsible for selling the product, he calls it “the oldest complete Mac”, since “only bits and pieces of the original Macintosh with Twiggy drive have been displayed until today”. He explains that plastic plates and cases have already been offered on the market, but never a complete machine. According to the seller, the one that is selling “the only one”.


(New models next to your “grandfather”)

Whoever buys the product, takes the prototype of the computer in addition to the keyboard, mouse and power cable, all working. According to the seller, the computer turns on and the gray screen with the request to insert a floppy disk appears.



(Power cable and keyboard)

For those who want to acquire the rarity, in addition to the US $ 100 thousand, there is a freight of US $ 1.5 thousand (about R $ 2.7 thousand), also delivering to Brazil. What about, will you face this one? Click on here to access more information about the product.

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