Not to sleep at work: app tells you the best time to have a cup of coffee

This tip is perfect for Ash Wednesday, when many are forced to work on “autopilot” after days of Carnival revelry. Two doctors from Penn State University, USA, developed the Caffeine Zone, an iPhone application that informs you of the best time for coffee, keeping the level of caffeine in your blood high.

The app, which was developed by Frank E. Ritter and Kuo-Chuan Yeh, also helps you not lose any hours of sleep because of caffeine. That’s because it tells you the time to stop drinking your coffee or tea, according to the website Extreme Tech.

The Caffeine Zone displays a graph of the caffeine activity in your body. As soon as you drink a cup of coffee, just press the “Consume caffeine” button. That way, the app tracks the levels of the substance in your blood.

A green bar represents the “caffeine zone”, which is the ideal range to keep you “lit”. The blue bar is the level you need to reach before going to sleep, so as not to lose hours of rest. And, for those who are already used to drinking, there is the possibility to change the values ​​of ideal rates and sleep rates.


The Caffeine Zone is a free application. To download, click on here.

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