Not even the most beautiful face in the world escapes Photoshop

In the last few days, you must have followed Florence Colgate’s life a little more. The 18-year-old British student participated in the beauty contest “Lorena: Naked”, a “natural beauty” award organized by the TV show Lorraine, in which the nearly 8,000 girls who participated could not wear makeup or any other cosmetics or accessories , such as earrings and lipstick, nor have you had any plastic surgery.

After a series of analyzes, Florence took first place in the competition, when she was awarded the title “most beautiful face in the world” for having several beauty standards. Some of them were the distance between the ears in relation to the distance between the pupils, and the distance between the hairline to the chin – for scientists, these measures are ideal according to aesthetic characteristics.

But even the woman with the most beautiful features on the planet cannot escape some retouches in Photoshop. At least that is what a video posted by photographer Evandro Malgueiro says. In Nobody is pretty enough (No one is pretty enough, in the free translation), the changes were few – in fact, Florence’s face is very symmetrical -, but the artist wanted to prove that everyone can undergo slight improvements in Adobe’s image editing program.

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