NGOs launch ‘Declaration of Freedom on the Internet’

A series of organizations linked to Internet freedom, technology startups and free culture activists launched a petition on Monday that asks government officials to guarantee the basic rights of the Internet user by accepting the points that would formalize a ‘Declaration of Freedom on the Internet’ . The petition has five basic principles: freedom of expression, digital inclusion, opening up the internet, encouraging innovation and guaranteeing privacy.

“We believe that a free and open internet can generate a better world”, explains the project’s website. “To maintain the freedom of the network, we ask that communities, industries and governments
recognize these principles. We believe that they can help bring more creativity, more innovation and more open societies “.


The project has the support of some important human rights organizations (Amnesty International, Global Voices and Reporters Without Borders), the academy (Harvard Center for Democracy and Technology), internet companies (Mozilla Foundation) and organizations that fight legally for the protection of Internet users’ rights (Eletronic Frontier Foundation). Some notorious people also signed the petition, such as the founder of BoingBoing Cory Doctorow and writer Neil Gaiman, creator of the comic book character Sandman.

The initiative was led by the NGO FreePress, which asked for the opinion of Internet users on various platforms before finalizing the points of the Declaration. According to the organization’s director Josh Levy, in an interview with Mashable, the idea “to open up a discussion about what a free internet means” and to provide more information to the general public as to why this is important for society.

You can sign the petition on the website

Internet Culture project

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