New online sales method: music video “sells” the clothes worn by singers

The first thing to think about after reading this news is, “How has nobody thought of this before?” The clothing store online SSense created the first music video that allows you to buy the clothes that the singers themselves are wearing.

The clip for the song “I Think She´s Ready”, sung by the duo FKi, the singer Iggy Azalea and the rapper Diplo, has everything to be a normal video rap music, with scenes on the streets of Los Angeles, USA, and others recorded in the studio. However, here, icons with the letter “S” appear repeatedly in several scenes.


When clicking on the icons, the clip is paused and a page showing the singer’s “look” appears in the video frame itself. Thus, you can place the parts in your shopping cart and ensure delivery to your home.


Have you thought? Videos can be used to sell cars, boats, yachts, houses, lots and many other items! Watch the video below and leave your opinion in the comments!

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