New Disney movie to feature familiar game villains

A Disney 3D animated film will have some characters well known to older gamers. The “Wreck-It Ralph”, which will be launched in November in the United States, will feature special participation from some old game venues, according to the Mashable.

The animation tells the story of the video game character Ralph, who lives in an 8-bit world and wants to change his life – he has always been considered a villain and now wants to be a role model for people.

“Wreck-It Ralph” somewhat resembles “Toy Story”. In the Pixar classic, toys came to life when humans were not around. In the new film, the characters can travel between the different universes of different games.

During the adventure, Ralph encounters some well-known old game villages. Among them are the duo Zangief and M. Bison, from “Street Fighter”, Doctor Wily, from “Mega Man”, Doctor Robotnik, from “Sonic”, and even Bowser, from “Super Mario”.

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