Moroccan rapper arrested for video posted on YouTube

A Moroccan rapper was arrested after posting a clip of one of his songs on YouTube. The reason is that the lyrics of the song criticized the local government, according to Daily Dot.

“El-Haqed”, or “O Indignado”, is known in the country for his songs of protest against the local government. In February last year, one of his songs became famous during the Arab Spring.

The song in question takes the name “State Dogs” and criticizes the Moroccan police, accusing the institution of being corrupt. The video that took him to jail was uploaded by another user and was taken from YouTube.

The rapper will await trial in prison. He is accused of singing defamatory songs to public officials and of uploading images to the internet that harm public officials.

Human rights groups have sided with El-Haqed and ask that justice and the King of Morocco ask him for forgiveness. Organizations also claim that his arrest attacks freedom of expression.

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