MIT students turn water, bananas and even clay into joysticks

Have you considered turning any object around you into a video game controller, keyboard or even a piano? This is what two researchers and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did when developing MaKey MaKey. The concept that everything can be used as a control, using only a USB connection.

According to the website DVICE, the project created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum has a simple mechanism: using a circuit board, conduit cables and a USB cable, simply connect the device on any surface to transform it into a video game joystick, computer keyboard, piano or even in a dance game.

In a demonstration video, you can see that a banana was used as the “space” key on the keyboard. For anyone who is a fan of Super Mario Bros and wants to play with it through the computer, just grab a notebook and modeling clay to use the MaKey MaKey as a character controller. For those who prefer Pacman, they can draw the commands on a sheet of paper and connect the device to start playing. And for the classic Dance Dance Revolution, the solution is small buckets full of water to simulate the dance floor.

Bananas were also useful when creating a piano, as well as the steps of a ladder. And now the most curious thing: even a cat was used as a tool to take a picture using a notebook camera.

Silver and Rosenbaum fetched $ 25,000 in donations from the site Kickstarter to finance the idea, but received more than $ 175,000. The two students also say that they have already received almost 4 thousand orders for the product.

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