Justin Bieber’s joke on his Twitter could end in process

An oversight in your own account Twitter can make the singer pop Justin Bieber is sued by a couple from Texas, USA.

Bieber posted on his profile the number of a cell phone with the phrase: “call me now!”. However, the phone did not contain the last digit. In trying all the combinations, the singer’s 19 million followers ended up bombarding others with infinite connections. The Dilcie and Kent couple now claim that Justin has persuaded thousands of people to harass them over the phone.

According to the TMZ, the tute has been erased. But the internet has the power to eternalize information, which did not prevent the couple from continuing to receive the wave of telephone calls. Now, their lawyer wants some kind of compensation for the damage done.

And when we talk about “compensation”, we’re not just talking about money: they also want help with an online project created by her husband, concert tickets for her grandchildren and … well, apologies from Justin himself, in person.

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