Japanese create robotic butt that expresses emotions and reacts to slaps and caresses

Japanese scientists created a robot with somewhat … curious characteristics. In fact, researchers have developed only a robotic butt that, in addition to being very realistic, expresses emotions that can be perceived by touch and vision.

According to a video on YouTube, the device, built by Nobuhiro Takahashi and a team from the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, was named “Shiri” (Japanese word meaning “ndegas”). The project aims to innovate using the technology available in robotics and observe the perceptions expressed by users when interacting with the robot.

The humanoid rear is made of organic constructions and artificial muscles, and can reproduce tensions, contractions and profusion as if it were a real human.

The skin was already made of silicone and the inside was coated with three components: a rigid urethane skeleton, a full-size public model and the “fat simulator”, responsible for expressing emotions. this simulator, controlled by pressure, allows changes in the shape of the muscles and responds to the touch. In addition, there is a microphone built into the skin layer, which also reacts to the user’s slaps and caresses.

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