James Cameron will record 3D video at the deepest point on Earth

A lot of people must have been thrilled to watch films like “Tianic” (1997) and “Avatar” (2009). Both boast the highest grossing titles in the entire history of world cinema, which together generated more than $ 4.62 billion dollars.

Adaptations director James Cameron has gained worldwide notoriety for these and other blockbuster films. But now the Canadian is going on a completely different project: scheduled for this month of March, the filmmaker will embark on a journey where he will try to dive alone in the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, considered the deepest place on Earth.

The Fossa das Marianas is about 2,550 km long on the Pacific seabed, and can reach up to 11 km deep. By comparison, Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is 8,850 meters high. According to National Geographic, this is the most hostile place on the planet and is immersed in permanent darkness.

Who will lead the expedition, entitled “Deepsea Challenge” (“Deep Sea Challenge”), National Geographic magazine. The director will board an 8-meter-long Australian mini-submarine and thus become the first 50-year-old man to reach that depth. The preparation for the dive has been made in Papua New Guinea, where Cameron has already dived about 8 km.

Upon entering the ocean, Cameron is expected to remain on the seabed for at least six hours, during which he will shoot in 3D and collect samples of marine species. Asked about a possible relationship between the trip to the deepest point on the planet and the filming of the sequence of “Avatar”, the Canadian filmmaker said, since the official objective is to collect samples for researchers and also to capture images for a documentary.

The news about the expedition can be seen from the site from National Geographic.

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