iTunes Store gains new section with remastered songs

Apple added a new iTunes store called “Mastered for iTunes”, which promises records in the form “artists and sound engineers wanted”, according to the Mashable.

The novelty should include remastered music to look the way it was on LPs. Apple explained that many songs don’t look as good in digital form as they did in pain relievers. “When the CD was becoming a popular format, many old recordings were put on the market. To make them available as quickly as possible, some parts were cut. The wrong tapes were used or the CD was improperly mastered,” explained the company in a white paper.

“Many errors have been identified and corrected, but still, a large number of record labels are remashing old material to re-release in new formats.”

Another factor that contributed to the worsened sound in the digital format was the compression used on CDs and digital files. In the last few years, compression techniques have advanced and allowed the creation of Mastered for iTunes. Seo continues to offer compressed files to reduce their size, but believes that now engineers will get better sound via iTunes.

Among the discs that are already available in the new section of the iTunes Store are “Nevermind”, by Nirvana, “Sea Change”, by Beck, and even the recent “Born to Die”, by Lana Del Rey. The price is the same as the versions previous – $ 9.99 for the complete record and $ 1.29 for single songs.

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