It’s not TV anymore: web and video games are the main activities of Brazilians in their free time

Brazilians already spend more time on the internet and playing video games than watching TV, according to a study by Forrester. The use of the network is the main activity in free moments, also surpassing radio, newspapers and magazines.

The research, published by AdAge, shows that Brazilians spend 23.8 hours per week on the internet, and 6.2 hours in front of the TV – that is, almost four times more on the computer than on the sofa. Video games are the second main activity in free time, consuming 6.3 hours per week. Rdio takes 3.5 hours, while reading newspapers takes 2 hours and magazines 1.9 hours. The chart below shows, on the upper scale, the result of Brazilians and on the lower, that of Mexicans.

According to the study, internet access in Brazil currently reaches 47% of the population, and that number will rise to 57% in 2016. In front of the computer, Brazilians access social networks (89%) and watch videos on YouTube ( 86%).

Another point addressed in the study was the use of mobile internet among Brazilians. Of the respondents, 40% say they access the web from smartphones or tablets, and 24% make daily accesses. On average, Brazilians spend 2.2 hours a week connected on mobile devices.

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