Internet wins its Hall of Fame to honor big names

Rock has its own. Sport, too. Now, the “nerds” have come: the Internet has just won its “Hall of Fame“, a space where big names that have contributed in some way to the world of technology have a guaranteed place. The first honorees have already been announced and, among them, are Al Gore, Linus Torvalds (Linux) and Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web ).

The announcement was made during Global INET 2012, an important internet event that takes place in Sua. On the Hall of Fame website, which features photographs, biographies and exclusive interviews, 33 initial members are divided into three categories: pioneers, global connectors and innovators. The first of the interviews will be done with Vint Cerf, responsible for the TCP / IP protocols and the architecture that formed the internet.


Other honorees are Randy Bush (Network Startup Resource Center), Bob Kahn (TCP / IP protocol), Elizabeth Feinler (ARPANET), Paul Baran (networked communication systems), Robert Cailliau (World Wide Web), Philip Zimmermann (software encryption of PGP emails), Paul Mockapetris (DNS), Raymond Tomlinson (email), Craig Newmark (Craiglist), Mitchell Baker (Mozilla) among others, according to Engadget.

To check the Internet Hall of Fame, just click on here.

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