Interactive poster in Japan reacts to users’ kisses

According to Digital Trends, a digital poster in Japan reacts every time someone kisses him. The creation of a group of researchers at Keio University in Tokyo. The system notices when the interactive screen is kissed by a user and displays images of a beautiful model.

The poster works by recognizing the distance between the kiss and the canvas. After kissing the poster, the young girl’s face is shy and smiling, and then she begins to blush. It has not yet been explained whether the reaction is different between a good and bad kiss, or how the system qualifies a kiss as good or bad.

“I am a big fan of pop idols, and I have posters of them all over my room. Which bothered me that the posters didn’t move,” said one of the researchers at the Keio University team. “We built this system because we think that if a poster has the capacity to respond to popular movements, it would make the experience much more interactive and fun”.

The project’s developers also believe that the system could work for commercial use, allowing the technology to become part of digital advertising, or even sell the device as an iPhone application, for example. In this case, the creators will have to figure out how to get images from the smartphone’s camera so they can recognize and react to the user’s approaches. In addition, the team plans to make the poster react to other senses, such as smell, taste and audio.

“The current system has an image bank that only responds to visual changes, but we can also include the smell of the person’s hair shampoo, a lemon-flavored lipstick on the lips, or even a speaker that whispers ‘I love you’ ‘”declared the Japanese.

In the video below, a member of the research team shows how the technology works. Watch:

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