Infographic shows that Brazil is already the 3rd country that uses Google+ the most

How big is Google+? To answer this question, the Website-Monitoring, website monitoring website, made an infographic showing various data about the social network. Among them, is the information that Brazil is the third country that most uses the social network, with 5.43% of users. ahead of us are only the USA (31.49%) and India (13.69%).

The infographic also points out what are the main occupations of users. Students lead with 20.01%, followed by software engineers, with 2.65%; consultants represent 1.99%; managers are 1.72% and photographers, 1.59%.

Among users, 67% are men and 32% women. Of all of them, 42.06% live together with a partner, 27.39% claim to have a “complicated” relationship and 19.29% are in an open relationship, according to the Mashable.

Important dates for the social network also appear. July 14, 2011 was marked by the reach of 10 million users on Google+. September 20th was the day that Black Eyed Peas singer held the first public Hangout. Google+ reached 400 million users on December 31, the last day of the year.

The “+1” button clicked 5 billion times a day. The infographic also points out that, in December 2011, 625 thousand new users signed up on the social network each day.

See the complete infographic below with all the curious data about Google+:

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