Infographic: everything that happens on the internet in one day

Even with only a third of the entire world population connected, the internet surpasses barriers and generates impressive numbers when it comes to the data that is trafficked and activities carried out on the web. Do you know, for example, what happens in the virtual world in just 60 seconds? According to an infographic created by the website Ritholtz, more than 320 new accounts are created and 98 thousand tutes are posted on Twitter, more than 694 thousand searches are made on Google, 168 million emails are sent and more than 13 thousand iPhone applications are downloaded. The list is very long, but you can check this information clicking here.
Now, it was the put it all together and put together a new infographic about what happens on the internet for a whole day. Just to start, to store everything consumed on the web in 24 hours, 168 million DVDs would be needed.

The emails were the ones that got the highest numbers in the report, with an impressive 294 million sent every day. The blogs were well behind, with a simple 2 million daily posts.

As for social networks, there is no way: Facebook gives a bath in all others. In one day, 4.7 billion minutes are spent on the Mark Zuckerberg website, 532 million statuses are updated, 250 million photos are uploaded by users – which would be about 80 Eiffel Towers, if stacked – and 172 million people visit Facebook daily. Twitter comes in second with 40 million visits, followed by LinkedIn (22 million), Google+ (20 million) and the current social network, Pinterest (17 million).

As for multimedia, 22 million hours of TV shows and movies are watched on Netflix, 18.7 million hours of music are heard on Pandora and 864 thousand hours of video are put on YouTube. Of course, the pornographic content was not left out of the survey: every day, each user spends, on average, at least 14.6 minutes on pornography sites.

But the data that impresses most are smartphones, especially the iPhone: 378 thousand are sold per day. This number exceeds the number of newborn babies, which is 371 thousand in the same period. In addition, 1,288 thousand new applications are placed on the network, and more than 35 million are downloaded by all users.


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