Huffington Post creates digital weekly magazine

Created by the North American company Ariana Huffington, the Huffington Post is the most exclusively digital media in the world. In 2011, the blog attracted the attention of the giant AOL, which invested US $ 315 million in the purchase of the brand. Now is the time for the media company to move to a new stage: investing in a paid product.

The company launches on Friday a paid weekly magazine called just ‘Huffington.’ (with the period at the end). Its distribution will be exclusively through the Apple App Store, for the price of US $ 0.99 per edition. A month’s subscription is $ 1.99, while the year is $ 19.99. But will readers of the Huffington Post, accustomed to free, ultra-targeted news, buy the new product?

The company is betting that it is, and for that it invested in a staff of 24 employees dedicated only to the magazine. The command will be in the hands of journalist Timothy L. O’Brien, who was once one of the editors of The New York Times. The first issue – supported entirely by Toyota – features several lengthy articles, such as one that explains how President Barack Obama disconnected from his younger voters.

For the time being, editorial products aimed exclusively at tablets – like Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily – have not been successful in attracting the attention of readers and advertisers.

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