Huawei creates giant winged horse made with 3,500 smartphones

In Greek mythology, Pgaso was a winged horse known for its beauty and widely used by the hero Bellerophon to kill monsters.

This mythological creature, considered the symbol of immortality, has not yet been seen in the flesh walking around, but Huawei has brought an idea of ​​what the animal would be like in the world of technology. The Chinese manufacturer assembled a 5.7-meter-tall sculpture at the Mobile World Congress 2012, in Barcelona (Spain), made from 3,500 Ascend D Quad smartphones.

The statue was made by a London store at the request of Huawei. The horse frame to fit the cell phones was made from the soldering of 600 meters of iron bars and it took 720 hours to complete the project. The result is a beautiful work of technological art based on the ancient figure of Pgaso. See in the gallery below:

Also watch the making of Pgaso’s production:

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