“Hollywood is doomed because of the internet,” says Wikipedia founder

In a lecture at Global INET, event about the direction of the internet that happens this week in Sua, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, prophesied: “Hollywood is condemned because of the internet”.

According to Wired, he said that, just as Wikipedia caused the end of the printed version of the British Encyclopedia, collaborative production actions will destroy Hollywood and “no one notices or cares about it”

Wales commented that the next generation of adults – that is, current children – will make a difference in the production of new films, in a kind of social innovation.

He uses his own 12-year-old daughter as an example: “She perfectly operates a high definition camera, which she uses to capture, edit and produce her own films on the Internet,” he says. According to the State Agency, Wales said that “when this generation turns 22, they will make films with more quality than those of Hollywood”, and adds: “they will be more popular and I will come to destroy the current cinema market”.

Wales says there are also reasons for the market to worry about piracy, but there are also “great possibilities that the entire production model will be completely outdated in a very short time”.

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