Grooveshark creates artist statistics service

The streaming music service Grooveshark already has 20 million listeners around the world and decided to take advantage of the information it gathered about their habits to create a new tool, the Beluga, launched last Tuesday (05/29). It is a real-time statistics search tool, focused on the music market.

The data were collected from 2007 – the year the Grooveshark was founded – until 2012 and show the profile, behavior and opinions of the listeners of each artist. Other information – about politics, income, technology, media consumption – is optional and collected through surveys with users, who choose to answer it to earn Grooveshark points.

It is not revolutionary at all, but it is especially interesting so that the music industry can get to know and understand its audience, increasingly detached from physical media and paying for music. And also for the average user, who can check who listens to their favorite artists. Below, see the example of the Brazilian audience Michel Telo:



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