Grand Theft Auto wins exhibition in English museum

Apparently, games are starting to be considered works of art. That’s because the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, England, selected the Grand Theft Auto series of games to star in the “British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age“, which celebrates British contributions to the areas of art and design in the post-war era.

In the exhibition, commemorative videos will tell the story of all games in the series, in chronological order. Curators want to represent each title in the franchise and showcase the innovation of metropolises and gameplay in open world games, according to The Telegraph.

Rockstar, the company that makes the game, says it is “honored with the ad”. And this is not the first recognition of the series-related criticism. GTA III, for example, was highly praised for creating in a rich and detailed way the fictional city of Liberty, where the game takes place. The latest release, GTA IV, was the fastest selling game in the UK, reaching 114 million copies sold worldwide.


(Grand Theft Auto gain exhibition in museum)

However, it is not the first (and will not be the last) time that games come to the fore in museums. O National Media Museum, in Bradford, also in England, has an archive with the biggest game releases in history. O Smithsonian American History Museum, in Washington, USA, has an exhibition called “The Art of Video Games”.

The Victoria and Albert Museum will show the show that includes the game Grand Theft Auto until the 12th of August this year.

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