Google employees create Android robot that serves beer after hours

Google employees Paul Cariff and David Saint created the “KegDroid“, a nice little robot that has the shape of the Android mascot, the company’s mobile operating system. The machine was integrated with a Motorola Xoom tablet and its function is to fill the workers glass with cold beer!

To use it, I need to have a profile on the company’s social network, Google+. Then, just take the badge and go through the scanner integrated with KegDroid, which uses NFC technology to read the cards. The person’s Google+ profile photo appears on the screen, allowing them to choose the beer they want to drink.

An Arduino microcontroller is used to integrate the NFC reader with other parts of the droid. The machine also has two flow sensors for the beer, making sure that the right amount is poured into the glass.


There are several types of beer for the public to choose from. Paul Cariff, in addition to a Google employee, has also been a producer and lover of the drink since 1991.

See below a video in which Cariff presents and explains more about KegDroid:

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