Google and Paramount to offer online rent of 500 movies on YouTube

According to the Mashable, Google will start a partnership with the record company Paramount Pictures to make available 500 films that can be rented through YouTube and Google Play. In the coming days, users will have the opportunity to watch classics online, like the trilogy of “The Mighty Chefo”, and the latest releases, like “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”.

The service is currently available in the United States and Canada. But the two companies claim that the novelty will be accessible worldwide, soon.

48-hour rentals cost between $ 2.99 ($ ​​5) for traditional film versions, and $ 3.99 ($ ​​7) for high definition editions (720 pixels). After the purchase, the Internet user has 30 days to watch the movie.

Now, Google has already accumulated six partner companies for its film services, including Disney, Sony, Comcast Universal, Warner Bros., Universal and the most recent, Paramount. The only major producer not yet participating is 20th Century Fox, which sells its hits exclusively through Apple’s iTunes.

Google has yet to announce whether to sell movies, as Apple does. According to Mashable, these stadiums would be putting pressure on the search giant to accept, as sales of physical DVDs continue to fall. Soon, the integration between movies and the Internet, legalized and not pirated, should grow even more soon.

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