Games are starting to appear on the Brazilian AppStore

The scoop that Veja gave yesterday and that we reported here is gradually being confirmed: it is already possible to find, in the Brazilian Apple app store, recent releases of games available for purchase. The prices, however, are still in dollars, although it is already possible to pay them with a national credit card.

According to the screenshot taken from the iTunes Store, you can now find titles that were previously unavailable to us, such as angry Birds, Pro Evolution Soccer and others.

(Click here to see it in larger size)

The game descriptions are quite reduced compared to the North American versions, but they are already translated into our language.

The end of the war

The reason for the delay in making games available on the Brazilian AppStore is due to government bureaucracy. The Ministry of Justice requires a local age rating for games – even foreign ones. This was one of the big reasons why Apple gave up selling its entertainment apps around here.

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