Gallery: the most creative brands on Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook is finally starting to release its Timeline for company profiles this Thursday (01/03). With Timeline functions similar to those of other users, brands may have an even closer relationship with their consumers through control and postage tools.

Some of these companies decided to fill the Timeline with their historical set – from the foundation to the present day. In this way, fans will have more interactive experiences, allowing them to get involved in the trajectory of companies and to have a better opinion on them.

Regardless of how brands use their autobiographical characteristics, all took the opportunity to put all their creativity out in the detail that, perhaps, is the most visible in the Timeline: the cover photo. See below a gallery with some of the Timelines developed by some organizations, musical groups, stores and communication vehicles.

You can produce the Olhar Digital Timeline!

We have some projects on how to be our Timeline, but we want you to help us! Do you have any ideas or suggestions about how our Facebook Timeline can be? Better: does it have a cool image? Then show it to us! Let’s create a gallery with your photographs and, who knows, choose your design to stamp our cover photo on the social network.

Remember that your image must have the following proportions: 849 wide x 312 high.

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