Fortune tellers used Google and social media to seek customer information

Two Romanian fortune tellers were discovered to be real frauds. Rather than predicting the future or connecting with the dead through a spiritual line, they searched for information from their customers on Google and social networks.

According to the website Austrian Times, they looked for images of deceased friends and family members of the customers to know the names of the deceased and how they were physically. With the “power” of the internet in their hands, fortune tellers were then able to persuade their customers.

A woman was persuaded to throw her money into a lake to get rid of the problems, but when she arrived, a strange figure came out of the water and startled her. In panic, the girl dropped the bag of money for one amount and was no longer found.

After the episode, the police discovered that the “entity” who came out of the lake was an accomplice to the fortune tellers, who had dressed in strange costumes just to scare the client and steal her money. Now, women are facing charges under the National Security Act.

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