Facebook will test ads based on the user’s location

Since launching its shares on the Nasdaq technology exchange, Facebook seems to be studying one capitalization model per day. This time, the company announced that it will start testing an advertising model based on the location of users who access the social network via smartphones or tablets.

According to the company’s vice president of marketing, Carolyn Everson, the demand for advertisements aimed specifically at mobile users was enormous. Since the beginning of June, the social network has been offering advertising inserts that are only viewed by those who access the website in the mobile version. “We are testing a series of products with this principle in the last few months”, revealed Everson in an interview to the network’s website Bloomberg.

With the new system, it would be possible for Facebook to alert its users – with push notifications, for example – when they pass a bar or restaurant that might interest them. The idea is that the service is optional.

According to the report, Facebook showed the new model would work at a meeting with several advertising agencies and shareholders in April. The article does not reveal how the ads would be inserted in the update line of social network users or when it goes live.

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