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Facebook is slowly starting to introduce and highlight advertising posts in the line of updates from its users. The social network had been testing the tool for some time, but this Wednesday (05/30) decided to make it official with a page that explains how the program works and shows how it is possible to participate.

The advantage of using promoted posts is that they can be seen not only by those who decided to ‘like’ the page of a certain brand, but by a lot more users. This is because advertising will have a privileged place on the timeline of those who already follow the company, probably at the top of the site, and will be replicated every time it is ‘liked’. The posts will have the word “Sponsored” highlighted (“Sponsored”, in Portuguese).

The page explains that advertisers can choose to publish posts promoted according to the target audience’s native language or geographic location, facilitating more specific promotions. A tool will also be offered that helps to monitor ad acceptance and how many people have seen it.

The initiative is part of a Facebook effort to create a solid business model in relation to advertising and develop new income alternatives, all the more necessary now that the website’s shares have been facing repeated devaluations in the Nasdaq technology exchange.

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