Facebook wants to encourage ads on the mobile version

Facebook wants to increase revenue from mobile advertising, and to do that, it needs to attract new advertisers. With half the users accessing the social network via smartphones and tablets, the company sees this type of advertising as a good way to make profits grow.

One of the measures taken to increase interest in this form of advertising is to allow the creation of specific advertising for the mobile version of the social network, which also allows advertisers to direct advertisements to the users’ news feed, according to Reuters.

Until now, Facebook limited the area of ​​advertising within the site – now, it has authorized the use of parts that previously were not possible to advertise.

After the IPO fiasco, Facebook is looking for new ways to show the profitability of the social network, which has more than 900 million members worldwide.

In the last few months, revenue from the social network grew slowly, and investors question the company’s potential. Even due to the large amount of mobile accesses, advertising on smartphones and tablets is seen by Facebook as a good way to increase revenue.

Facebook Online advertising

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