Facebook launches ‘Listen’ button on band pages

Facebook has just launched a new tool that, in addition to facilitating the user’s life, helps musicians themselves in the dissemination of new sounds. Now, the social network displays the button “listen” on the pages of bands and singers.

Apparently, the system will use the music service that the user usually accesses more often. However, it is already known that among them are Rdio, Spotify and Mog. The button is between the “Like” button and the message button.


With the tool, artists will be able to share new music with their fans or even the sounds they will release. In addition, the user will also be able to meet new bands and singers, since, when they see that a friend likes a page, they can hear the sound of the corresponding artist directly from Facebook.

When using the service for the first time, the famous app authorization screen appears. This integration started in January, when the social network incorporated the “Ticker” box, which showed the music that the user was listening on his timeline, through the music services.

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