Facebook: brands may know percentage of fans who have seen certain content

This Wednesday Facebook launched a new application for pages used by brands, the brand pages. Now it will be possible to see the percentage of fans who approved a certain content, a function that the company says was already present in the older version of the advertising pages and that is now starting to come back with a new look.

The application should facilitate the monitoring of how successful the campaigns disseminated by the social network are. According to the company, a post made in a brand page It is seen by about 16% of fans, a number that both Facebook and brands are working to increase.

The new function will also allow the real-time monitoring of viral trends, as part of a Facebook strategy to try to provide more analysis tools for brands and, consequently, increase their presence in their users’ timelines. The plan is the main one in Facebook’s monetization strategy, seen with even more attention by shareholders after the public offering (IPO) and the presence of the social network on the Nasdaq technology exchange.

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