Facebook: advertisements will also enter the logout page and the mobile feed

After the IPO, it seems that Facebook is totally focused on creating new advertising models. According to the website TechCrunch,in a conference held with company executives and some investors, the director of marketing and product Mark Hoefflinger showed new areas where the advertisements will be shown, as shown in the image below:

Example of where advertisements will be
Hoefflinger explained that, in addition to News Feed and the sidebar, companies will now be able to post relevant announcements on the log out, in addition to extending the model to the feed seen from smartphones. The executive explains that, especially on the log outThis will be extremely important for advertising companies, since more than 30 million users disconnect from Facebook daily, but there is no visual appeal on the “Exit” page.

Dubbed “Reach Generator”, this feature was summed up by the executive as “making companies choose their highest potential ad and amplify their market distribution through the layouts shown above.

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