Eric Schimidt says governments are biggest threat to the internet

Former President and current Google representative Eric Schmidt said on Tuesday that governments around the world are using cybercrime as a pretext for creating a more authoritative digital environment.

According to the executive, governments with this inclination are the biggest threat to internet freedom today. The statements were released by the site from Wired magazine.

Schmidt also admitted that pioneering companies built the web without thinking about its possible uses for organized crime, which he considered a mistake. “For now the threats are coming from individuals and even groups, but the biggest problem will be the activities of nations that seek to do evil through the internet. It is difficult to identify the root of cybercrime and stop them,” he said.

According to the executive, 40 governments have already put in place some kind of content filter that citizens of their country can access. “This filtering creates black places, where hate, radicalization and hate can flourish,” he concluded.

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