Does your friend stop talking? Try a gun that will “shut up”

There are days when we don’t feel like talking to anyone, or we just want to be at peace. But do you still have a “suitcase” friend who keeps talking? For an idea from Japan – of course, where else would it be? – promises to be the perfect solution for this type of problem: the people of the East created a “firearm” that paralyzes the voice of that annoying and talkative colleague at a distance of up to 30 meters.

But take it easy, because this gun is not a gun or shotgun. According to the websitesCNETand Technology Review, the device has a technology called “Delayed Auditory Feedback”, which records the words of the unwanted person and returns them two thousandths of a second later. In short: the device will record what the user is saying and send it back with the “stutterer” audio, confusing it.

For those who still don’t understand, more or less as if it were the voice of nutritionist Ruth Lemos, the one who became famous on the internet with the “sandwich-iche”:

“We have to establish and obey the rules of good conduct as we speak. However, some individuals tend to lengthen their conversations or interrupt others during dialogues just to establish presence, rather than achieving more beneficial discussions,” said Kazutaka Kurihara, from National Institute of Technology and Advanced Science in the city of Tsukuba, and Koji Tsukada, at Ochnaromizu University, both creators of SpeechJammer, as the product was titled.

For Kurihara and Tsukada, the device will be very useful in places where silence must reign, such as in libraries. But they joke that it will also serve for self-centered people, presidential debates, family discussions, and even for newborns who don’t stop crying – all to avoid major headaches.

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