Distrito Federal will host the “0800 internet” tests in March

The Brazilian government announced this Monday (13/02) that the implantation tests and access to the internet call through reverse tariff, or the “internet 0800”, already have a place and date to be carried out. They will take place in Varjo, Distrito Federal, in March. The tests will be commanded by Anatel, the Ministry of Communications and the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil (CGI.br).

This new model looks like the telephone call service with a 0800 prefix, those in which service providers pay for the call, according to the Brazil Agency. In the case of “0800 web”, the connected website will pay the fees. The connection with reverse charging can be used by stores, banks and customer service.

Paulo Bernardo, Minister of Communications, says the model is 100% Brazilian. He explains that “the idea is to try to develop an internet connection that the person enters to make a complaint, ask for assistance in a call center, shopping or operating at a bank”, allowing the customer to make a tariff connection to the company.

“If it works, it can be an alternative for the company that has a call center. It can develop a portal to make a self-service”, says Paulo, explaining that the telephone service will not be extinguished, there will only be an alternative with low cost: “I think it can work and even be cheaper,” he explains.

Maria Ins Dolci, lawyer and institutional coordinator of the Brazilian Association for the Defense of Consumers (Proteste), says that “today, the consumer already pays one of the highest internet tariffs among many countries. do not have this gratuity and end up paying more expensive tariffs because of that “.

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