Discover the world’s most nerdy bathrooms

The website Gadget Box brought together some of the most nerdy bathrooms ever seen. According to the publication, this is one of the places that most inspire creativity, especially when you are in the bath. Therefore, the idea of ​​these bathrooms promote an environment that generates new ideas. See below.

super Mario


Mario and Luigi were plumbers, so there is nothing more fair than honoring them with a space in the double dedicated bathroom. The person responsible for the masterpiece is reader Kueeny of the Reddit website, who thinks about adding the game’s music every time someone downloads it.

World of Warcraft


Some fans of the game decided to create a bathroom faithful to the fantastic world of Azeroth. However, unlike the medieval city, the place has fragrant soap and top quality toilet paper.

Spider man


This is one of the most sophisticated bathrooms. The wall had to be rebuilt so that the bricks appeared to be falling. In a single place it is possible to see a little of some of the greatest towns in history and feel like a real Spider Man.

Harry Potter


The bathroom in the Harry Potter version has a difference. There, there is no need to bring a book or magazine, because the place itself has a philosopher’s stone, ideal to be read in the most solitary moments that the toilet provides.

Star Wars


The Star Wars themed shower, created by Emily Jagoda, features the R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker designed in tiles. The characters don’t have great adventures there, but they can make bathing more fun.

Chemical bathroom


No, this bathroom is not about those that are available at shows and major events. The toilet in question uses chemistry as its theme and even brings a curtain with all the elements of the periodic table. In the area of ​​oral hygiene, there are test tubes and other materials used in laboratories.

And, did you like it? Do you have any idea for a fun nerdy bathroom? Write in the comments below.

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