Designer invents origami printer. The paper folds itself!

Christophe Guberan, a student of production design at ECAL (University of Art and Design of Lausanne), in Sua, created a printer that makes 3D origami. To this end, the boy modified an inkjet printer to print a “very specific ink and water” mixture. Thus, the paper, after being printed, folds exactly in the lines and shapes where the water dries, even if slowly, creating the origami. The printer was called Hydro-Fold, according to the website Dezeen.

But don’t expect to find complex folds, like an airplane, paper boat or even a Tsuru, coming straight out of the printer. Chris slowly draws the designs on the computer, and then sends them to print. Even though it is simpler, it makes complex and super cool shapes and patterns!




(left, the patterns created on the computer. on the right, the results obtained after printing)

Several and different shapes, patterns and even grids can be made. See below the Hydro-Fold steel demonstration video:

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