Company plans to take tourists to the center of the Earth

Sir Richard Branson, the brain behind the company Virgin, comes out again with a project that seems to have come out of the world of science fiction, more precisely from the book “Journey to the center of the Earth”, by Jlio Verne. The company plans to launch a submersible, taking people to the center of active volcanoes around the world.

Called Virgin Volcanic, the project plans to make trips to active volcanoes. For this, the VVS1 submersible, made with carbon-based materials – used in space travel – will be developed. The vehicle can take up to 3 people in the middle of lava and volcanoes.


(VVS1, the submersible that will be used in travel. Carbon material, developed for space travel, will be used in construction)

“In the first three years of operation, VVS1 will target the five most active volcanoes in the world: Etna (Italy), Stromboli (Elias Islands, Italy), Yasur (Republic of Vanuatu, Pacific Ocean), Ambrym (Republic of Vanuatu) and Tinakula (Solomo Islands) “, according to project website. On the first expedition, scheduled for 2015, Branson will go aboard the submersible, along with actor Tom Hanks, singer and other celebrities. These passengers, called “Volconautas”, invested about US $ 1 million (about R $ 1.8 million) in the project.

A documentary will be produced by Barbara Kopple, using a 3D technology called VD. also plans to release a soundtrack for the documentary, entirely recorded from inside the volcano.

Virgin expects the project to become a faster, cleaner and safer form of transcontinental travel in the future. Basically, the project aims to “travel across the Earth instead of traveling around it”.

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