Comics? Nothing! Meet the real-life silver surfer

Anyone who likes comic books, certainly must have heard of one of the most iconic characters ever created by Marvel: the Silver Surfer, known from the Fantastic Four comics. In comics, he is a superhero who controls “cosmic power”, absorbing and manipulating the environmental energies of the universe. He is also capable of traveling through space, hyper-space and even dimensional barriers with his vehicle: a surfboard.

Even without having all these powers, the photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton decided to play with this animated universe a little. Accustomed to working for the fashion industry and famous newspapers, he left his studio and went to the region of Tignes, in the French Alps, to film snowboarder William Hughes doing what he likes best: skiing on his snowboard.

The big balcony that, when descending the snow-covered mountains – with temperatures below 25 minus -, the athlete wore a ski suit covered with LED lamps, created by the designer John Spatcher.

Sutton explains that the snowboard surfer’s project was born out of his desire to create and interpret “a lonely character made of light that glides through the darkness”. The result turned into a beautiful video where the skier is the only source of light in a completely dark environment. Watch:

Behavior Video LED Curiosities

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