Comedian satires with Google smart glasses

This Wednesday (04/04), Google presented the concept of its glasses of the future, which transform the world into a computer screen with the help of augmented reality. Called “Project Glass”, the prototype is being developed within the company’s laboratories and offers information such as maps, in addition to taking photos, playing music and making connections.

To play with the search giant’s future product, the British producer Tom Scott created a video that satirizes the project. In the 25-second film, Tom shows what the Project Glass user would look like, who can barely walk down the street in front of the world of information that comes to his eyes.

See the joke below and, to find out how the glasses will work, watch the conceptual video created by Google. It is possible to spend a day in the life of a boy who receives in the lens an alternative route to reach a bookstore.

Google Video Curiosities

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