Cinema cycle will bring films about piracy and copyright

Next Wednesday (06/12), the Cultural Center of Spain and the Cultural Pack you will receive the cinema exhibition ‘Copy, right?’, dedicated to films that discuss the change in the concept of copyright in the internet age. The show starts with the Spanish film Copiad, Damn you! – Copyright (or right the copy), from 2011, about how technology forced a change in the idea of ​​copyright.

On saturday (06/16) the films turn Patent Absurdity (2010), which shows the patent war in the software market, and Arduino – the Documentary (2011), about the open microcontroller that has been popularizing robotics in the world. After the exhibition there will be a debate with Rodrigo Rodrigues, from the hackerspace Garoa and the company Metamquina, and with the Spanish journalist Bernardo Gutierrez.

The following Saturday (06/23) there will be a RIP: A Remix Manifesto, from 2009, which explores how different societies have been creating new business models based on piracy and the free circulation of knowledge. The documentary explores a lot the Brazilian initiatives of the time when musician Gilberto Gil occupied the portfolio of Culture, showing the work of some of the ‘Pontos de Cultura’ created at the time. The film also shows the work of DJ Marlboro and explains how funk carioca appropriated other rhythms and excerpts from other songs to create his own style. Following, Pedro Markun (Esfera) and Brett Gaylor, director of the film, discuss some of the topics covered.

A ‘Copy, right?’ ends on (26/06) with the shorts Remixophagy – Allegories of a Revolution, produced by Casa de Cultura Digital, and Ctrl-V – Video Control, by Leonardo Brant. Those responsible for the films will participate in a debate table at the end of the exhibition.

On the 12th and 26th, the event will take place at the Centro Cultural de Espanha (Av. Anglica, 1091, Higienpolis) and on the 16th and 23rd it will be held at Matilha Cultural (Rua Rgo Freitas, 542, Repblica).

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